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Since the 4th of July holiday is almost upon us and we know people are looking for fun recipes for their family gatherings and barbecues, we have decided to help you come up with some fresh and healthy recipes that can easily be used as an appetizer, supplement or even a meal for your vegetarian friends by offering the Faces of Juicing visual recipe book for free to those that own Kindles or have the Kindle for PC application on their desktop computers. These fun and easy recipes can be eaten as is for an appetizer or juiced for a complete meal. The only thing that we ask is that you take a few minutes to write a review of our book. We really value your opinion.

We are giving away free downloads for the Kindle version on Wednesday, July 3; you can take advantage of this by going to . Of course, we always offer a 10% discount on the print edition to our readers by using the discount code of 675STHCN when ordering the print version.

We hope you have a safe and sane 4th of July and we hope you enjoy the 50+ visual recipes found on Faces of Juicing.

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