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Lots of color

As you hopefully know, a couple weeks ago we officially launched the print and digital versions of our first book, Faces of Juicing. During our publicity campaign we offered to provide visual juicing recipes to various online sites that would find them relevant. What came as a surprise was that one site did not like the recipe because it had far too many ingredients and even though their audience was theoretically vegetarians and vegans, the publisher felt it was not likely that many people had such a wide variety of produce in their homes. It caused me to stop and think; why wouldn’t someone, especially someone that does not eat meat, not have a wider variety of fruits and vegetables than we do? Then it struck me; people buy what they are comfortable eating.

Before we started juicing, there is no question that we shopped the same way. I know that personally there use to be two reasons I did not buy something; either I did not like the way it tasted, or I did not have a clue how to prepare it. Juicing has eliminated both of these issues for me. Naturally, preparation issues are non-issues if you are juicing it, but did you realize that if you make a juice using a bunch of different items you are not going to taste those one or two things you do not like. For example, due to my mother boiling the life out of Brussels sprouts, I have utter disdain for them when cooked. I have no problem adding them to a juice because I know they are good for me and I will never taste them in my juice. We use lots of turmeric in our juices; they are easy to work with when Tanya makes her designs and they happen to be really good for things like your liver. I have no idea what it tastes like and I certainly have no idea how you would prepare it with a meal or what it goes with.

The point is do not worry about whether or not you like garlic or ginger or rutabagas or pomegranates; when you mix them with some kale, and apple and a carrot you are not going to notice them anyway. Shop by color; each one has its own benefits and there is no reason you should be passing them by simply because you do not like the taste or do not know if you will like the taste. It won’t matter when you have it mixed with lots of other colors and flavors; I promise.

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