Faces of Juicing: Fun and Easy Visual Juicing Recipes Now Available for Kindle or Full Color Print

Faces of Juicing Visual Juicing Recipes with over 50 juicing recipes is now available in full
color print or for Kindle. Author finds peace from chronic pain while playing with her food and
making faces.

What started out as a means to find temporary peace in an otherwise painful existence, became a lifestyle
change, a hobby and is now a book, Faces of Juicing, Visual Juicing Recipes; available in both paperback and

A long time sufferer of Rheumatoid Disease, previously known as Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Tanya Martin
had recently relocated from Indiana to California when her boyfriend Lloyd tried to get her to join him in his
juicing regimen. While she would try sips of the juices Lloyd prepared, Tanya was just not enjoying the juice
enough to make her want to turn it into a daily routine. The move to California had been particularly tough on
Tanya and she was in severe pain 24/7 making exercise very difficult and proper eating went to the wayside as
it took too much energy for her to prepare a proper meal. One night, Tanya watched the movie Fat, Sick &
Nearly Dead. It was a life changing event for her. The next morning she asked Lloyd to show her how to use his

As Tanya tells it, “I have been taking multiple drugs for more than nine years, beginning when I was first
diagnosed with RA. I had been in remission for a short while prior to my move to California, but fell out shortly
before my move. In that time I gained a lot of weight and I knew I was not eating properly. I decided that
juicing would enable me to get a good daily dose of fruits and vegetables; in addition, juicing would give me
the vitamins I needed without having to take more pills.”

Tanya has been an avid photographer for many years, but the pain from her Rheumatoid Disease made it
virtually impossible for her to carry her camera around, so she sought a way to let the “inner artist” in her get
out. She eventually found herself playing with her food before she added it to the juicer. While creating the
designs it brought her some relief from her pain as she concentrated on her creations. She started making basic
designs with the fruits and vegetables she prepared daily; she would then take a photo of the designs with her
iPhone and post them on her Facebook page. It was not long before she created a Facebook group, I Take
Pictures of My Fruits & Vegetables Before I Juice Them, which quickly grew in popularity. “It seemed like all
of our friends were jumping on the juicing bandwagon and Lloyd and I were happy to guide them along,”
Tanya explained. “As the group grew, the two most common questions we heard were, what kind of juicer do
you use and do you have any recipes? Since we make our recipes on the fly, we just told people to look at our
photos for the recipes.”

After several months of posting photos on Facebook, one of Tanya’s friends suggested that she had enough
photos to fill a book. With that comment, Faces of Juicing was born.

Faces of Juicing is now available in paperback and digitally on Kindle. There are more than 50 juicing recipes
complete with full color photos and an itemization of the produce used in each juice. Each juicing recipe is tasty
and healthy, with lots of variety in the produce used resulting in very flavorful drinks. To order your copy of
Faces of Juicing, Visual Recipes, please visit FacesOfJuicing.com

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